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AfriSol Power – ASP 340Wp Polycrystalline Panel (72-Cell)



  • Solar Panels Poly 72 Cells ASP 330W-350W, with efficiency up to 21%
  • IP68 junction box for long term weather endurance
  • High-quality aluminium frame, resisting load up to 5400 Pa and wind pressure up to 3800 Pa
  • High transmissivity but low-iron tempered glass
  • High performance in the low-light environment
  • Double EL test before and after lamination

Jinko Solar – 475Wp Half Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panel Tiger Pro 72HC

  • 0.55% Annual Degradation over 25 years
  • 25-Year Linear Power Output Warranty
  • 12-Year Product Warranty
  • Official Tier 1 Panel
  • Half-Cell
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) [V] – 43.38VDC
  • Maximum Power Current (Imp) [A] – 10.95A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) [V] – 52.24VDC
  • Rated  Maximum Power [W] – 475
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) [A] – 11.77A
  • Module Efficiency – 21.16%

Jinko Solar – 550Wp Bifacial Double Glass Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Bifacial Module with Transparent Backsheet technology, up to 20% power gain depending on albedo and PV system design Bifacial:JKM550N-72HL4-BDVP P-type cells are resistant to light-induced degradation. This immunity leads to a longer carrier lifetime of the cell and a more efficient, powerful system, have a higher temperature tolerance.

Jinko Solar – 550Wp Half Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panel Tiger Pro 72HC

  • Tier 1 Brand
  • Half-cut Technology
  • Multi Busbars
  • Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions
  • Reduced Hot Spot Loss
  • Enhanced Mechanical Load
  • 12-Year Product 25-Year Linear Performance Warranty