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3kW Solar System with Lithium-ion Battery

Introducing our 3kW solar system with 4 pieces of 12V 200Ah lead acid batteries, the perfect solution for off-grid power needs. This comprehensive system includes high-efficiency solar panels, a durable mounting structure, a reliable charge controller, and a robust inverter to convert solar energy into usable electricity for your home, cabin, or RV.
The 3kW solar panels are designed to harness maximum sunlight, providing ample power to charge the included 12V 200Ah lead acid batteries. These deep-cycle batteries are built to withstand frequent charge and discharge cycles, ensuring long-lasting energy storage for your off-grid lifestyle.
With this system, you can enjoy reliable power for lighting, appliances, electronics, and more, even in remote locations. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or seeking energy independence, our 3kW solar system with 12V 200Ah lead acid batteries offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your off-grid power needs.